abnormal hemoglobin

abnormal hemoglobin

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  • Hemoglobin — Hemoglobin, human, adult (heterotetramer, (αβ)2) Structure of human hemoglobin. The protein s α and β subunits are in red and blue, and the iron containing heme groups in green. Fro …   Wikipedia

  • hemoglobin C — n an abnormal hemoglobin that differs from hemoglobin A in having a lysine residue substituted for the glutamic acid residue at position 6 in two of the four polypeptide chains making up the hemoglobin molecule * * * a common abnormal hemoglobin… …   Medical dictionary

  • Hemoglobin C — (abbreviated as Hb C or HbC ) is an abnormal hemoglobin with substitution of a lysine residue for glutamic acid residue at the 6th position of the β globin chain. [ [http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/dispomim.cgi?id=141900 a=141900… …   Wikipedia

  • Hemoglobin S — The most common type of abnormal hemoglobin and the basis of sickle cell trait and sickle cell anemia. Hemoglobin S differs from normal adult hemoglobin (called hemoglobin A) only by a single amino acid substitution (a valine replacing a… …   Medical dictionary

  • hemoglobin Bart's — an abnormal hemoglobin composed of four γ chains having high oxygen affinity, seen in Southeast Asians and a few other groups; infants born with only this type of hemoglobin have hydrops fetalis and usually die within a few hours. Hemoglobin …   Medical dictionary

  • hemoglobin H — a rapidly migrating abnormal hemoglobin composed of four β chains, having a high oxygen affinity, found mainly in Southeast Asians, natives of the Mediterranean region, and a few other ethnic groups. Infants may be born with a mixture of… …   Medical dictionary

  • hemoglobin E — an abnormal hemoglobin with lysine substituted for glutamic acid at position 26 of the β chain, seen most often in Southeast Asia, especially Thailand. The homozygous state may be asymptomatic or may be manifested as the anemic state called… …   Medical dictionary

  • hemoglobin S — noun Date: 1954 an abnormal hemoglobin that occurs in the red blood cells in sickle cell anemia and sickle cell trait …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • hemoglobin Chesapeake — an abnormal hemoglobin in which leucine is substituted for arginine in the α chain, resulting in high oxygen affinity so that the individual has polycythemia …   Medical dictionary

  • hemoglobin Constant Spring — an abnormal hemoglobin seen in Southeast Asians, characterized by 31 extra amino acid residues at the C terminus of the α chain, resulting in a form of α thalassemia …   Medical dictionary

  • hemoglobin I — an abnormal hemoglobin resulting from an amino acid substitution in the α chain, causing α thalassemia …   Medical dictionary